This is where you can apply for a sponsored ticket to Life Time Value Conference. (
We have a limited number of tickets thanks to donations from some of our speakers and sponsors. We don't want the ticket price to be a barrier to deserving and under-represented people's participation.

If your application is successful we'll give you a link to buy your ticket for just £39+VAT. (That's 90% off - the standard price is £399+VAT) In addition to this we will refund the ticket price on the day if you have traveled from outside Brighton.
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Please try to keep this under 600 words. It's not required but the strongest thing you could put here is a link. We'd love to see that you already have a digital product for sale and that you've made one or two sales. Maybe you can't afford a ticket to the conference because all your spare cash is being spent to cover your living costs.
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